same as child (check) or as below (complete)

same as child (check) or as below (complete)

If your child will be picked up regularly by someone other than yourself (i.e. caregiver or grandparent) please indicate:

Emergency & Medical Info/Contact (s)

Special medical conditions or known allergies (i.e. food, environmental, medication, drug):

needs immediate medical attention, I authorize Kids’ Kastle Co-operative to make the necessary arrangements.

Registration Information

Program Choice (minimum of 2 mornings).

Registration fee; $60.00

Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning (8:45-11:30 AM): $140.00 per month or $160.00(exempt from duty days)

Tuesday/Thursday morning (8:45-11:30 AM): $105.00 per month or $125.00(exempt from duty days)

Monday through Friday morning (8:45-11:30 AM): $230.00 per month or $260.00(exempt from duty days)

Tuesday/Thursday afternoon (12:30-3:15 PM): $105.00 per month or $125.00 (exempt from duty days)

Please provide two (2) clear photocopies of your child’s immunization record.

Parent Helper Information and Volunteering

Kids’ Kastle is a co-operative venture between the teachers and parents of the children who attend. As part of a co-operative venture, parents are active participants in the operation of the school. Some parents volunteer as board members, Bingo volunteers and committee members. Others bring their special talents such as dance, music or carpentry to share with the children. All parents (or grandparent or caregiver) use their volunteer days to assist in the class as the ‘helping/duty day parent’. Should the helper be unable to attend the day scheduled, then it is that person’s responsibility to notify the school and find a replacement. All volunteers must ensure the handbook and the policies and procedures manuals have been read and signed off accordingly.

Duty Day sign-up sheets for the months of September and October will be available at our first General Meeting and then posted on a monthly basis. M/W/F parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 1 duty day per month and T/TH parents (am & pm)are expected to volunteer 1 duty day every 6 weeks or so. You may volunteer more if you wish.If you are opting out of duty days and are willing to pay the extra fees to do so please be aware that this does not exempt you from other Co-op responsibilities. All parents are expected to attend the General Meetings, one Toy Wash, volunteer for extracurricular activities ( Bingo help, fundraising, school trips , committee help etc..) and provide Play Dough at least once per year.

Please indicate who will be the parent helper (i.e. mother, father, caregiver or grandparent). If there is more than one person, please indicate all.

Fundraising & Other Participation Guidelines

During the school year, fundraising activities require the support and the participation of the parents. If the school were unable to reach its fundraising goals, the tuition fees may have to be increased.


All duty volunteers are required to complete a “Police Vulnerable Sector Check” in order to ensure the safety of our children and to meet ministry requirements. Forms are included in your packets and must be completed and taken to the Niagara Regional police dept.(bring 2 pieces of ID).The cost is $15. You may apply online at a slightly higher cost. Your dated receipt of application must be brought to the school for verification of VSC in process.When you receive your VSC in the mail please bring it to the school ASAP. All VSCs will be stored securely and in confidentiality

We ask that you sign below to acknowledge that you are aware of and are committed to participating in all aspects of the co-operative initiatives of Kids’ Kastle Nursery School.

Click this link if you would like to complete Niagara Regional Police Check. CLICK HERE


Please complete the Pre-authorized Payment Form and return with your registration package. We also require a void cheque or PAD form from your financial institution. Monthly fees will be debited from your account on the 20th of every month (from Aug 20th to May 20th).

Thirty(30) days notice of withdrawal is required.

In order to keep costs down we ask that each family donate (please label with child’s name):

  • 2 boxes of tissue
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • dry goods when asked (ex. goldfish or granola bars or crackers)


Permission & Confidentiality

As a parent run organization we need to respect the rights and privacy of others. The undersigned agreed to meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to protect every child attending Kids’ Kastle Co-operative Nursery School.

From time to time, photos may be taken of the children during school hours. These photos of the children may be used in displays around the school or in events for local media and promotion.

Excursions are an integral part of the school’s teaching program. Such trips take place during school hours and the children are driven by a parent or caregiver who has a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Child Development

This allows the teacher to understand your child’s abilities to plan activities appropriately. Please check applicable box:

Does your Child:

What things do you see as priorities or goals for your child to learn while attending nursery school?

Please advise if the child has been involved with other agencies such as Niagara Support Services, Infant Education etc). Are there any problems or fears that you think the teacher should be aware of?


Kids’ Kastle is an active participant in the Quality Child Care Niagara Initiative (QCCN). Each child participates in a preschool screen early in the school year. This indicates areas where environment or programming can be changed to enhance the benefits to each child and also indicates areas where a child may need further screening to identify areas where support is needed prior to school entrance.

All results are confidential and shared with parents, who may be present during the screening. Parental consent to participate is required, please sign below.

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